Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Succession to the Crown Act 2013

The Succession to the Crown Act, which was passed earlier this year (and signed by Queen Elizabeth II, remains in limbo, and is not officially the law.  Lord President, Nick Clegg, has not stated that the Act is the law of the land. The other 15 realms have not passed the legislation.  The law is facing serious hurdles in Canada and in Australia. 

It is also entirely possible that due to the birth of Prince George, the proposed legislation could be tabled in some or all of the other countries. 

Thus,  Lord St. Andrews and Prince Michael of Kent remain excluded from the line of succession. 


Matthew Plooster said...

Question on the act. With eliminating primogeniture, it's been said that it'll be from this point forward (not retroacted to move the Princess Royal up the line, etc). So would removal of the marriage to Catholics ban, would it be retroacted for Prince Michael and Lord St. Andrews?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

It would affect only those born after 10-28-2011. Michael and George would be dynasts ...but at this point, everything moot because only one of 16 realms has passed the legislation.

evan said...

I think that it's unfortunate that the Act seems to have stalled. Even with the birth of Prince George, it seems that it should have passed, considering that the Queen signed it. Is the real reason for opposition because the Act may be used as a basis to challenge peerage remainders?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Evan, it has nothing to do with events in the UK. In order for the new law to take place, ALL 16 REALMS have to pass the bill. Only the UK has passed the law. The other 25 realms have passed the legislation. Until that happens, the Act remains in limbo.