Friday, July 19, 2013

Royal Baby Update:

11:03 a.m. According to reliable sources,  the police presence at The Manor, on Pease Hill Road, in Bucklebury, has dissipated. At about 3:15 p.m.(in the UK), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left Bucklebury with a police escort.  They are apparently en route to London.

This does not mean they are en route to St. Mary's. They could be returning to Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace, which is a lot closer to the hospital than the Middleton's family manse.

At this time, there are no reports of increased police activity outside the Lindo Wing.  There are a lot of press outside the hospital, and several live streams showing the door.  Once Catherine is inside the hospital, there will be at least one policeman outside the door ... the one who will be accepting the teddy bears and flowers!

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11:15 a.m. (East Coast). A car with a police escort would have arrived in London. No reports of increased security at hospital.  No verification, but the Duke and Duchess could have headed directly to Nottingham Cottage.

11:33  Palace officials refuse to CONFIRM OR DENY that the Duke and Duchess have left Bucklebury and returned to London.

1:40 /6:40 p.m.   Absolutely nothing to report.

3:00 / 8:00 pm   There are reports that the police have returned to Middleton home at Bucklebury.  

It is now close to 10 pm in the UK.  There is nothing to report apart from a dog getting his head stuck in a gate at the Middletons' home.

Perhaps Lupo cannot take anymore

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