Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prince of Monaco wants to come to the USA

July 19, 1913

The New York Times' Berlin correspondent is "authorized to confirm" that Prince Albert of Monaco, has "decided to visit the United States in his yacht, the Hirondelle."

Prince Albert "imparted his intention" to the United States Naval attaché in Berlin, who was one of the prince's guests aboard "the Hirondelle at the Kiel regatta."

This will be Albert's first visit to the United States.  He is said to be "looking forward to it with the keenest interest."

Most of his overseas cruises have been focused on the scientific.  The Hirondelle is "essentially an oceanographic vessel" that is equipped with the most modern technology which "money can buy."

The 65-year-old Prince is an "intimate friend" of Kaiser Wilhelm II.  He is said to have had "a strenuous matrimonial career."  His first marriage to Lady Mary Douglas Hamilton, was annulled by the Vatican in 1880.  He then married the American-born Alice Heine, the widow of the Duke of Richelieu.  This marriage ended in divorce in 1902.

Prince Albert's son, Prince Louis, 43 and "still unmarried," may accompany his father on the cruise.  Prince Louis is seen as one of the most eligible of princes.

The Hirondelle will make stops in New York City, Newport and "other leading Atlantic ports."  The visit may take place later this summer or next Autumn.

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