Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peter to marry Alexandra: Official

July 30, 1943.

King Peter II of Yugoslavia, now living in exile in London, has received permission to marry Princess Alexandra of Greece, reports United Press.  The 19-year-old king threw his Cabinet "into turmoil last May" when he originally sought permission to marry.

He has now "won his battle and the hand of the woman he loves" by receiving the blessing of a new Cabinet.

The engagement was announced by Prime Minister Milos Trifunovich, although  Peter has actually been engaged to the "attractive Princess" for more than a year.

Princess Alexandra, the daughter of the late King Alexander I of the Hellenes and the Greek-born Aspasia Manos, is three years Peter's senior.

The Prime Minister stated that there would be no "royal state receptions" to celebrate the engagement due to "the great sufferings" of the Yugoslav people.

King Peter's permission to marry caused a split among his Cabinet.  Six members felt that he should not marry "until Axis armies had been driven from the soils of the two countries."  Other members felt that Peter's engagement would strengthen his "prestige and result in favorable diplomatic relations between nations."

Peter has since recognized his Cabinet with a new, more supportive Prime Minister.

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