Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brazilian engagement

from The Times


The engagement is announced between James, son of Mr and Mrs Lochie Spearman of Perthshire, Scotland and Amélia, daughter of Their Royal Highnesses Prince Antonio de Orléans e Bragança and Princess Christine de Ligne of Rio de Janeiro
 James was born on March 27, 1984.  His father's full is Alexander Lochain Spearman and his mother is Spanish,  Doña Pilin de Garrigues is the daughter of the late Don Mariano Garrigues Díaz Cañabate and the late Doña Catalina Carnicer Guerra.

The date for the wedding has not been announced.  Although James has an interesting lineage, he may not be considered an equal match for Princess Amelia.


Michelle said...

Marlene, i have a question regarding a magazine i saw one of your articles in. today i received a book i'd ordered (Russia & Europe: Dynastic Ties) and the sender included a publication. while skimming the table of contents i saw your name, so read the article. given that you contributed to the magazine, i figured you might know the answers to two questions. it looks like something i would wish to subscribe to, but it is quite pricey for a small publication so i wanted to ask these things first.

1 - how many issues are there per year? the one i was sent is dated february; either it isn't the most recent, or i'd be paying $48 for 2 or 3 issues/year.

2 - do you personally think it is worth the money? the first question could be answered by the person who sent it to me, but this question is best answered by someone other than the person trying to sell a subscription due to obvious bias.


Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

European History is published six times a year.

You won't find a lot of British royal coverage - instead there will be historic pieces, coverage of royal events, etc. I write on a regular basis for the magazine's worth $48 a year ... a small staff, produced out in California

Michelle said...

sounds good to me! my birthday is tomorrow so i will send the subscription slip off tomorrow. i do enjoy learning about the less-known royals, as well as the history rather than only modern times. the letter i got with my order & the magazine was from the person apparently running it, so i figured it mustn't be too big. i'm looking forward to getting these issues! brilliant marketing strategy, i never would've heard of it and getting a free copy with my order pulled me in. :-P

Michelle said...

did you do that daybreak appearance you mentioned? i can't remember which day it would've been.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

It was canceled ... I got a call at 8:30 pm Tuesday night, saying it was off