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An interview with Christa Prinzessin von Thurn und Taxis

Christa Prinzessin von Thurn und Taxis (nee Heinle) is the morganatic wife of Prince Max Emanuel of Thurn und Taxis (b 1935) only son of Prince Raphael and his wife, Princess Margarete of Thurn und Taxis.

Christa is Max's second wife.  They were married in March 1973 after the divorce (and annulment) of Prince Max Emanuel's first marriage to Countess Anna Maria von Pocci.

Three months after the civil and religious weddings, Christa gave birth to the couple's first son, Hubertus, who was born June 22, 1973.  A second son, Philipp, was born in April 1975.

Today: Princess Christa of Thurn and Taxis

 How would you explain to a child your profession?
As a hotel clerk: I'm interested in people from all over the world in all its diversity. I'm happy to help people to make their lives as comfortable as possible. When BRK-President: I enjoy working in an organization like the Red Cross, with many volunteers dedicated people around the world helping people in need for over 150 years.
* What is your dream job you had as a ten year old?
I do not know, probably a doctor.
* What is your personal dream of happiness?
Health and peace.
* Who would you like to spend a weekend on a deserted island?
With Angela Merkel or Barack Obama.
Does anything anno you?
Long discussions about black or white.
 What do you think of the following keywords?
Water and bread
Important for survival
My personal home - in the broadest sense Bavaria.
Old and Young
Belong together. The one affects the other.
Victory and defeat
Important experiences in life.
 First Love
Feels Location: This or none. Turned out differently.
More importantly, invisible partner of my life ..
Grave stone
In addition to the Red Cross. a world famous brand.
My house, my car, my boat
House and car to give me independence, but a  yacht is unnecessary.
Look ahead, and be curious.
Interview: Norbert Kotter

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