Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Royals arrive for Alfonso's Coronation

May 15, 1902

Members of foreign royal families have begun to arrive in Madrid for the coronation of King Alfonso XIII, reports the New York Times.

Today's weather was "auspicious," without a single cloud in the sky.  The sun shone brilliantly, which favored the arrival of the Duke of Connaught, Prince Albrecht of Prussia, Grand Duke Wladimir of Russia, Prince Christian of Denmark, Prince Nicholas of Greece and the Crown Princes of Monaco and Siam.

The train with the royal guests pulled in at 4:30 p.m.  A guard of honor "presented arms" and the band played the Spanish Royal March.    Prince Albrecht was the first to alight, and he was followed by the Duke of Connaught and the other royal guests.  The British Ambassador, Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, "presented the Duke of Connaught to the Prince of Asturias.

They reviewed the guard of honor.  The Duke of Connaught and the Prince of Asturias walked together, followed by the other princes.  The Crown Prince of Siam, clad in a white uniform, was "conspicuous on account of his short stature."  Grand Duke Wladimir, who was walking next to the Crown Prince, "towered above him."

After the ceremony, the Duke of Connaught and the other royals were driven by carriage to the Palace, where they were received by Queen Maria Cristina, the Regent, and King Alfonso XIII.

Tonight a "grand banquet" is being held at the palace in honor of the royal guests.

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