Monday, May 21, 2012

One of the those phony stories!

Some years ago, when I was working on the first edition of my book, Queen Victoria's Descendants,  I was able to offer conclusive and new information about Duke Albert of Schleswig-Holstein's natural daughter, Valerie Marie.  She was born on April 3, 1900 at Liptovsky-Mikulas, Hungary, where she was adopted by a Jewish couple named Schwalb. 

Shortly before his death in April 1931,  Duke Albert, a grandson of Queen Victoria, wrote to his daughter, and told her the truth.  Although she had been raised by a Jewish couple,  Valerie Marie was baptised Roman Catholic.

One month after Albert's death, Valerie Marie was able to change her surname to zu Schleswig-Holstein.

I was the first to write in detail about Valerie Marie's life.  I obtained a copy of the official letter that her aunts Princess Helena Victoria and Princess Marie Louise wrote to Nazi authorities to establish the fact that she was not Jewish.  She was officially acknowledged as their niece. 

Duke Albert never told anyone the name of Valerie Marie's mother, although he stated that she was a woman of noble birth.

But she was not "Baroness Bertha von Wernitz", an alleged Prussian noblewoman, who died giving birth to Valerie Marie.   "Baroness Bertha von Wernitz" never existed.  She was not Valerie Marie's mother. 

My intuition tells me that Valerie Marie's mother was probably a member of Hungarian noble family, who had a relationship with Albert, got pregnant, gave birth quietly, and made arrangements for the baby to be adopted.  There is no evidence that Valerie Marie's mother died in childbirth.

Do not fall for the "von Wernitz" story.  It is not true.  Never was, never will be.

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