Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Helen leaves Romania with honors

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May 2, 1932

Princess Helen left Bucharest today after spending several weeks in Romania.  She received "honors usual to the departure of a foreign Princess," reports the New York Times. 

Her departure "disposes of rumors of a reconciliation" with King Carol II.  She returned to Romania only to see her son, Crown Prince Michael, and "to arrange her financial affairs."  She apparently sold her summer residence at Sinaia to the War Ministry for $156,000.

Helen left Romania on January 2, 1931, after efforts to reconcile with her former husband, Carol. failed.   She went to Sinaia to be with her son, Michael, who was ill and then left the country. 

She returned to Romania later in the year and was "welcomed by a detachment of the King's bodyguard and her personal standard was unfurled."  At the time, there were unfounded rumors of yet another reconciliation attempt.

In March 1931,  Helen's brother, George, the exiled King of Romania, who was married to Carol's sister, Elisabeta, came to Bucharest to intercede on her behalf.  He was able to obtain for Helen "a generous allowance for her and the purchase of a villa in Florence, Italy," which has now become her permanent residence.

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