Saturday, May 26, 2012

Govt Scott's gaffe finally catches up with him

Note to my foreign readers:  not all Americans are stupid.  Not all American politicians are stupid and ill-prepared for meeting international visitors.  I will even say that not all Republicans are uncouth, ill-mannered and poorly informed.  I am no fan of Governor Scott.  I have a feeling however, that the Governor was ill-prepared by a member of his staff, who googled some information about the King and the elephant trip, but did not pick up the most salient facts that pertained to the king's discomfiture. Thus, the Governor, thinking he had a talking point in common, rushed into the conversation like an elephant in a china shop.  That said,  Governor Scott is an embarrassment, and does not deserve the honor of holding the highest office in Florida ... but his election also says a lot about the lack of good candidates in the Sunshine State.

But not all of our elected officials are as poorly educated as Governor Scott.  I am no fan of Governor McDonnell, but he would have been more prepared to encourage Spanish investment in the USA than Governor Scott.

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