Monday, May 14, 2012

A disillusioned Helen

May 14, 1932

Former Queen Helen of Romania wants to see her son, according to a new profile by the Associated Press.   She recently returned from Bucharest to her "modest abode" in Florence, a "bit better off financially" than before visit to Bucharest, but there is "no appreciable improvement" in her relationship with her former husband, King Carol.

King Carol was not on hand to welcome her when she arrived in Romania's capital, nor was he present when she department.

She "receive news constantly" of her young son, Crown Prince Michael, and thankful that she was able to spend five weeks with him in Bucharest.  Mother and son correspond frequently, but Helen worries about the "the bad influences" to which Michael is subjected.

Helen lives in Count Spalleti's villa in Florence, where she resided with her mother, Queen Sophie, until her death in January. Helen's two younger sisters, Princesses Irene and Katherine are living with her.

The three women have been looking for a new home, "seeking a small villa more in keeping with their depleted purses."  Princess Helen had thought before she left for Bucharest that her house hunting problems would be over. She had made plans to purchase a villa owned by an American, "expecting to pay $60,000 for it."   She had agreed to the purchase, but then at the last minute she had to cancel the deal.   The Romanian court had promised her the money, but the legislature "cut the item out of the royal appropriations."

Helen was caught in the middle of two political parties in Romania, one wanting her return, and the other wishing for her departure.  It was the former party that defeated the $60,000 expenditure, "thinking her financial straits would force her to a reconciliation with Carol."

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