Monday, April 18, 2011

Wilhelm's near collapse from grief

April 18, 1921

Former German Emperor Wilhelm II "suffered all through the night from severe nervous depression," reports the Associated Press, and was unable to be present this morning at the Maarn Station in near Doorn, where a "funeral train departed with the body of his wife, Auguste Viktoria."  Wilhelm had the "firm intention" of being present for the departure, but due to his nerves, he was unable to be present.

Wilhelm did regain his "composure in a measure," and was able to attend a special service held before Princess Viktoria Luise and her husband, the Duke of Brunswick, and Prince Oskar, left to attend the funeral in Potsdam.

When his children were getting ready to leave,  Wilhelm "almost collapsed again."  His daughter was seen to be weeping freely, and former Crown Prince Wilhelm, "though nervous, endeavored to hide his emotion."

Simultaneously with the funeral services in Potsdam,  Wilhelm and his eldest son, and others who are at Doorn "will pray together in the chapel of the castle.   Neither the former kaiser nor Crown Prince Wilhelm were able to leave the Netherlands to attend the funeral the former Empress.

Auguste Viktoria died at Doorn on April 11 after a long illness.

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