Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sophie Cranston not the designer

From British designer, Sophie Cranston:

"Libélula has a company policy of not commenting on any of the work they do for private clients, however due to the unprecedented media attention they would like to make the following statement:

'For the purpose of clarification we are not designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress. We, like everyone else, can't wait to find out who is!'

This is not a surprise.  Cranston's name was floated by the Huffington Post's royal correspondent this past weekend, and the media jumped all over it.  The correspondent claimed that she learned the name of the designer four months ago.  This is the same correspondent who continued to insist that the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark were invited to the wedding, and would accompany Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik, even after the Crown Prince told Billed-Bladet magazine that he and his wife had not received an invitation, and only heads of state were invited.  The 'royal' correspondent remained insistent that the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg would be accompanied by one of their children, who was not the Hereditary Grand Duke.  The Luxembourg court has confirmed that the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess are going to the wedding (and the buffet reception), but no other member of the Grand Ducal family was invited.

The 'royal' correspondent used the argument that Crown Prince Pavlos and his wife were invited to the wedding, and Pavlos is an heir ... but, dear 'royal' correspondent,  Pavlos is not an heir to the throne, and his father is not a head of state.  The Greek royal are family.  King Constantine is Prince  William's godfather, and Prince William is godfather to Pavlos' son, Konstantine-Alexios.   I would not be surprised if all of King Constantine's children were invited to William's wedding.  They attended the Prince of Wales' wedding.

It was only a matter of time before this 'exclusive' was also shot down.  I doubt even Buckingham Palace's press office knows who designed the gown, and won't know until not long before Kate puts on the dress and gets ready to leave for the Abbey.

I also think the 'royal' correspondent was merely fishing, pulled a name out, and wrote a story with the possibility that on April 29, she would be right.    It's fishing or she needs to find better sources.

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