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Princess zu Salm-Salm returns to the USA

April 5, 1899

Princess Felix zu Salm-Salm arrived in New York today on board the Kaiser der Grosse, according to the Associated Press early morning report.  She plans to spend two months in the United States, "most of the time at the home of her brother-in-law, Col. Edmund Johnson" in Vineland, New Jersey.   The American-born widow of Prince Felix zu Salm-Salm, has not been in this country "for many years."  She will also travel to Washington, D.C., where a reception will be given in her honor at the home of Mrs. Chamberlain.  The princess may also visit Chicago.

She is the widow of Prince Felix zu Salm-Salm, who came to this "country and fought on the Union side during the war.  He rose to the rank of brigadier-general.  His wife, the former Agnes Leclerq, "for her services in behalf of the Union soldiers, was commissioned a captain" by Illinois Governor Yates.   Agnes received "the pay of the rank" but "gave it to the relief of sick and wounded soldiers."

After the war, Prince Felix went to Mexico, where he became Emperor Maximilian's chief of staff.  Thanks to the efforts of his wife,  Felix did not suffer the same fate as the former Archduke, who was executed.    Prince Felix was eventually released, and sailed to Germany.  His wife followed shortly afterward.

Prince Felix continued his military career in Germany, and lost his life fighting in the Franco-Prussian war.    For her efforts to save Maximilian's life,  Agnes was "granted a pension" by Maximilian's older brother,  Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.

The Princess brings with her "three flags of the old Sixty-eighth New York Volunteers, which were presented to her husband," and she will present the flags to the veterans of the Sixty-eighth.  She will also return three flags to  the Eighth New York Volunteers. For a time, Prince Felix served as a colonel in this regiment. 

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