Thursday, April 21, 2011

A princess for the Yorks

April 21, 1926

The Duchess of York, wife of King George V's second son, gave birth to a daughter this morning at the Yorks' home, 17 Bruton Street.
Great Britain's newest princess "held a truly royal reception," according to the New York Times, "though she herself, save for a few privileged visitors, was not on show."
King George V and Queen Mary were among the first visitors, having "arrived by motor car from Windsor to greet their first granddaughter." Princess Mary, Viscountess Lascelles, who is the mother of two sons, was also one of the first to see the princess, who is third in line to the throne, and the "fourth Lady of the Land."
The Prince of Wales, who is in Biarritz, has sent a telegram of congratulations. He was delighted by the news about the Duchess of York, "for whom the Prince's favorite name is 'Queen Elizabeth.'"
Queen Maud of Norway, who is visiting London, also "had a glimpse of the little one this afternoon."
The Duke of York's face "was wreathed in smiles like any proud father as he look out out from on the windows" of his London home. Crowds have been gathering all day long "opposite the mansion."
The princess is the only child "yet born to a son of the reigning king." It is expected that she probably will be named "Mary Victoria Elizabeth," after the late queen, the present queen, and the Duchess of York. She will be a royal highness and take precedence after Queen Mary, Princess Mary and the Duchess of York.
She is also a "possible, though improbable, successor to the throne of England." This would require that the King, the Prince of Wales and her own father predecease her "without other issue and that she herself should have no brothers." Should these "contingencies occur," the princess "would take precedence over Prince Henry and Prince George, the king's younger sons.

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