Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony arrives in NYC

April 19. 1927

Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony arrived here today on the Majestic.  He was accompanied by Dr. Theodore Erlanger, a Munich lawyer.  The prince told the New York Times that he is here on business, "but refused to disclose its nature."
"The financial affairs of the House of Saxony are entirely in my hands, and it is my wish to place them on a sound financial basis," he said.

There are rumors that he has brought with him "historic tapestries having a value of approximately $1,000,000 which he wished to sell here."  Ernst Heinrich refused to confirm or deny the story.  Customs officials said that they did not know "whether or not he had brought them" but at any rate the tapestries were not a "part of his personal baggage."

Prince Ernst Heinrich is staying at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, and will be in this country for six weeks.  He is the youngest son of former King Friedrich August III of Saxony and his wife, Archduchess Luise of Austria.    In 1921, he married Princess Sophie of Luxembourg, youngest daughter of Grand Duke Wilhelm IV.  They have three sons, Dedo, Timo and Gero.   

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