Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Official status for Montenegrin royals

Montenegro officially recognized Dynasty

From the Montenegrin paper, Vijesti

PODGORICA, 14 April 2011 (Beta) – Montenegrin Royal Dynasty Petrovic will get official status, based on the proposal of law prepared by Montenegrin government.

That proposition, as explained by PM’s counselor Srdjan Spaic, brings historic and moral rehabilitation of Petrovic Dynasty that was dethroned in 1918, contrary to Montenegrin constitution of that time.

Spaic explained to journalists that male members of Petrovic Dynasty and their wives will get official status of heirs of Petrovic Dynasty.

Members of Petrovic Dynasty will have a right to use heraldic symbols of Petrovic-Njegos Dynasty.

The new law also envisages questions of founding and functioning of Petrovic-Njegos Foundation, and this Foundation will be financed from Montenegrin budget, with over 4 M EUR.

Heirs to Petrovic Dynasty will be able to use house and land than belonged to King Nikola in Njegusi on permanent basis, and there will be 300 sqm residences built up for them in Cetinje plus they will get 5000 sqm land in surroundings.

Also, heirs will have an apartment in Podgorica up to 130 sqm, but they could also occasionally use residential state objects as well.

Also, the representative if the Dynasty could perform some protocol non-political duties upon authorization of state authorities.


NickMGombash said...

What about a monarch? Will Nikola become King, and not just pretender to the throne?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Highly unlikely.