Monday, April 25, 2011

Missing from the Guest List

Has anyone noticed that the King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan are not on the list of foreign royals attending the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton?  This is in spite of reports that the newlyweds will be spending their honeymoon on Jordan. 

The newlyweds' London base will be at Clarence House, at least for the time being, as their primary residence will remain in Angelsey, where Prince William is based as a RAF search and rescue pilot.

There have been articles in some of the tabloids about Kate and William moving into an apartment at Kensington Palace.  This seems unlikely as there are plans stop using Kensington Palace as a royal residence. At this time, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent live in palace apartments.  Prince and Princess Michael, who do not carry out official engagements, are now required to pay rent for their apartment.

Princess Margaret's apartment was opened to the public several years ago, and is now used for parts of the exhibitions at Kensington Palace.  This includes the Enchanted Palace exhibit.    The former residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales and their two sons, which became Diana, Princess of Wales' home after the divorce, is now used for offices and storage.  

Thus, it seems unlikely that Kate and William will be raising their family at Kensington Palace.


Royal Historian said...

I sure hope they don't spend their honeymoon in Jordan, given the state of the Middle East at the moment. My guess is they will head for Mustique or somewhere else that's warm and relatively private and safe.

I think Prince William will be given Clarence House when the Queen dies and Prince Charles moves into Buckingham Palace. If he needs his own place in London before then, St James's Palace is a likely option. Prince Charles lived there when the Queen Mother was alive.

I doubt that Prince William would want to see Diana's apartment become a shrine for the public. He'll want it to stay private and behind the scenes.

Bea said...

I saw that The Prince and Princess of Hohenlohe are going to the wedding but do you know if anymore from Philip's family Baden,Hesse,Hanover are going? Bea

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The Margrave and Margravine of Baden are going. If anyone else were invited, it would be Georg and Victoria of Hanover.