Saturday, April 23, 2011

King Michael of Romania

King Michael of Roumania will be the only foreign royal to have attended the weddings of Princess Elizabeth to Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark,  the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer and Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton.

Michael, who will celebrate his 90th birthday in October, was a head of state when he attended Princess Elizabeth's wedding in November 1947.   His mother, Queen Helen, and the bridegroom, Prince Philip, were first cousins, as their fathers, King Constantine I and Prince Andrew, were brothers.   When he and his mother left for London, the new Communist government waved them off at the airport, and hoped that Michael would decide not to return.  But Michael, who loved his country, and was loved by his people, did return.  But on December 29, 1947, with a gun placed to his head,  King Michael was forced to sign his own abdication, and leave Romania not his own volition. 

As Queen Anne is frail, Michael will be accompanied by his daughter, Crown Princess Margarita.

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