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Death of the Duke of Genoa

April 15, 1931

The Associated Press is reporting the death of Prince Tommaso Alberto Vittorio of Savoy-Genoa, Duke of Genoa.  The Duke, an uncle of King Vittorio Emanuele, died at 10:30 p.m., tonight at his home in Turin.
He was 77 years old, and he had been suffering from arteriosclerosis for several months.

Members of the Duke's family, including the Prince Udine, the Duke and Duchess of Pistoia, the Duke of Ancona and the Duke of Bergamo, were at his bedside when he died.
The Duke was a second cousin as well as an uncle of the King of Italy.  His father was a brother of Vittorio Emanuele's grandfather, and his sister, Queen Margherita, was the king's mother.

Prince Tomasso was born on February 6, 1854 "in the red brick palace in Turin, which dates from 1660," and where the prince resided until his death.   He and his older sister, Margherita, were the only children of the Duke of Genoa and his wife, the former Princess Elisabeth of Saxony.   Tommaso was only a year old when his father died, and he succeeded as Duke of Genoa.

On April 14, 1883, the Duke of Genoa married Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria at her family home, Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich.  She died in Rome in 1924 at the age of 61.

The Duke is survived by his four sons and two daughters.  His eldest son, the Prince of Udine, has succeeded as the new Duke of Genoa.  

He was privately educated with his sister and their cousins in Turin, and "then entered the Royal Naval Academy at Genoa.  He remained on active duty as an Admiral until 1904, retiring at the age of 50.  Since then, the duke spent most of his time in Turin.  His last public appearance was on December 28, 1929, when he and other members of the Italian royal family, met with the Pope in the Vatican.  At that time, he also had the opportunity to meet with his nephew, Prince Georg of Bavaria, a canon at St. Peter's.

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