Thursday, April 21, 2011

Death of the Duchess of Guise

April 21, 1961

Reuters is reporting the death of the Duchess of Guise, mother of the Count of Paris, pretender to the French throne.  The duchess, who was 82 years old, died in Larache, Morocco.  She is survived by her son and two daughters, Princess Pierre Murat, and the Duchess of Aosta.  A third daughter, Princess Christopher of Greece, died in 1953.

HRH Princess Isabelle Marie Laure Mercedes Ferdinande of Orléans was born at the Chateau d'Eu on  May 7, 1878, the fifth of eight children of Prince Philippe of Orléans, Count of Paris, and Infanta Maria Isabel of Spain.

On October 30, 1899 at Twickenham, England,  Princess Isabelle married her first cousin, Prince Jean of Orléans, Duke of Guise.  It was an advantageous marriage as the Duke of Guise,  succeeded Isabelle's older brother,  Prince Philippe, Duke of Orléans, as pretender to the French throne.

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