Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stephanie denied bail

March 10, 1941

Princess Stephanie zu Hohenlohe-Waldeburg-Schillingsfürst was denied bail today, and is being held in the hospital ward of the immigration station in San Francisco, reports the Associated Press.  The U.S. Attorney General Robert Jackson "made the express request that bail in any amount be denied her."

The Princess, who is "resisting deportation", was arrested on Satuday at her Palo Alto apartment.  She was ordered deported from the country in January for being a Nazi sympathizer.  She has denied these charges.   One of her attorneys has filed for a "writ of habeas corpus," which would allow for her release.  By next Thursday, the government must "show cause why a writ should not be issued."  Another attorney "argued toady that the princess would be beheaded as an enemy of the state" if she were deported to German-controlled Hungary.  Princess Stephanie entered the United States on a Hungarian passport. 

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