Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marriage to united Spanish and Italian royal houses

March 9, 1931

Infanta Eulalia of Spain's visit to Rome was revealed today as "as mission to settle details of a royal marriage" between Infanta Maria Cristina of Spain, younger daughter of King Alfonso XIII, and the Duke of Seragamo son of the Duke of Genoa, and a cousin of King Victor Emanuele of Italy, according to an exclusive dispatch to the Los Angeles Times.  The duke, described as a "good soldier,  is 33 years old and lives in Milan.  Infanta Maria Cristina is 20.

An official announcement is to be made "within a few days."
This morning, Infanta Maria Cristina underwent an appendectomy at St Joseph's Public Hospital, and was reported to be "resting easily."  
Infanta Eulalia, who is Alfonso's aunt, was received by Pope Pius, and the Vatican is said to "regard the marriage with favor, hoping to strengthen the waning fortunes of the Bourbons, known as the most Catholic of monarchs, by an alliance with invigorated Savoys."

There was also talk of arrangements for a marriage between Alfonso's older daughter, Infanta Beatriz, and the Duke of Spoleto, but these talks "apparently came to naught."

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