Monday, March 28, 2011

How to spot ...

"a minor royal."   Silly photo display by the BBC -- why include a photo of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark?  Obviously, the BBC researchers have not done their research well, as Prince Joachim is Margrethe II's younger son, and unlikely to represent his mother at Prince William's wedding.   The Danish representatives will be Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik or the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.  The Danish magazine, Billed-Bladet, reported last month that the Queen and her husband will be attending the wedding, although the palace has not yet confirmed this.

I wish major news organizations would not use the term "minor royals."  Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, the Duke and Duchess of Kent and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark are all royal highnesses, and the same royal grade as the Prince of Wales and Prince William.  King Constantine is an exiled king with the rank of Majesty.

Princess Anne and Princess Margaret's children are not royal.   Peter and Zara are commoners, as are David and Sarah, the children of Princess Margaret, although they have bear courtesy titles as they are children of an earl.  David is Viscount Linley and Sarah is styled The Lady Sarah Chatto.  David will be a peer of the realm when he succeeds his father as the 2nd Earl of Snowdon.


Michelle said...

if i'm not mistaken, aren't both the Queen AND Prince Philip related to the Danish royals? Philip used to be a prince "of Greece and Denmark." The Queen, if I recall correctly, is the great-granddaughter of Queen Alexandra, who was the daughter of Denmark's King Christian IX.

any idea if the British & Danish royals maintain a family connection beyond the blood relation, as in personal relationships?

just wondering. :-)

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Queen Margrethe II comes to London to shop and probably has tea with the queen. She has also visited Highgrove. Margrethe, Elizabeth and Philip are all descendants of Victoia and of Christian IX, third cousins or so .. but the ties with the next generation is not as closee