Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Albrecht asks for Otto's help

March 16, 1931

Archduke Albrecht, former candidate to the Hungarian throne, left Budapest tonight and is traveling to Belgium to meet with Archduke Otto and "formally renounce all his royal rights " as he wants to obtain "validation as a private individual of his marriage to a woman not of royal blood," reports the Associated Press.

Albrecht's wife, the former Irene Lelbach, is expecting a child.   The couple were married in England last August.   Irene's previous to a Hungarian diplomat was dissolved by divorce.    The archduke wants to make his own marriage valid by having the Roman Catholic church state that his Irene's first marriage "was canonically illegal."

Otto, who recently reached his majority, is now the official head of the House of Habsburg, and "pretender to the Hungarian throne."  He is a student at Belgium's University of Louvain.

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