Thursday, August 21, 2008

Queen Helen to enter a convent

August 21, 1930. According to a report in the Daily Herald, a London newspaper, Queen Helen of Roumania, the former wife of King Carol II, has decided to enter a convent. The newspaper's correspondent had accompanied Helen during her visit to a hospital near Bucharest, and telegraphed his editor that Helen "is contemplating a final renunciation of the world and entry into a convent."
The reporter confided that Helen "has attended this hospital regularly for many months and share with the convent sisters their service to women patients. Doubts and anxieties as to her future have left their traces on the unhappy Queen."
Queen Helen has been "devoting considerable time to religious books, and final preparations are being made for the day when she will take her vows. Her decision has been taken and the place chosen."


aurelie said...

Wow ! It is the first time I read about this ! Marlene,do you know what happened after that,because obviously,she has never been a nun.Why did she change her mind ? Probably,something about the villa that king Carol II bought for her at Fiesole,near Florence in early '30s!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I don't believe the story at all - pure speculation and fantasy on the part of the journalist. Helen never said that she was going to enter the convent. The journalist supposes that Helen will do this. But the story was probably not true.