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Princess Henriette of Schleswig-Holstein honored guest at Terrace Garden

August 27, 1888

Princess Henriette of Schleswig-Holstein and her husband, Johann Friedrich von Esmarch, were the guests of honor at New York City's Terrace Garden. Dr. von Esmarch is a professor at Kiel University and also serves as a surgeon-general in the German Army. The dinner was hosted by German-Americans prominent in German committees and the Schleswig-Holstein Society.

 The dinner commemorated the contribution of Schleswig-Holstein Germans in Germany and in the USA. The princess presented a financial gift that would be used for poor Schleswig-Holsteiners living in New York City. After the speeches were complete, Princess Henriette left the event, but her husband and stepson, Erwin, remained "to take part in a handsome repast." The princess' stepson also told other guests that his parents enjoyed the reception very much.

Princess Henriette wore a black gown to the dinner, and is "personally well-mated to her handsome husband, whose high forehead, fine features and snow white hair and beard would make him a prominent figure anywhere."

The von Esmarch family will travel to Washington, D.C., where the doctor will attend a medical convention, "where he will be a distinguised person because of his contribution to surgery." The doctor is noted for his expertise as a military surgeon.

Princess Henriette and Dr. von Esmarch were married at her family home, Primkenau, in 1872.

Her brother, Christian, is married to Princess Helena of Great Britain, and her niece, Auguste Viktoria, is the wife of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The princess and her family arrived in New York on August 24th, having sailed from Bremen on the steamship Trave.

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Cabri said...

Johann Friedrich Esmarch (1823-1908)was a very very respected doctor. He founded „Deutschen Samariter-Vereins" (later turned into Deutscher Samariter-Bund) which was modelled ater the St. John Ambulance Association in England.

The Princess was one of his patients. She became his second wife; his first Anna Strohmeyer whom he had married in 1853, had died in 1870.

The Princess was the aunt of the German Empress (sinde 1888). She married him in 1872.

Emperor Wilhelm I raised him in 1887 into the nobility.