Friday, August 29, 2008

Prince Henry to marry

August 29, 1935:

"It is with great pleasure that the king and queen announce the betrothal of their dearly beloved son, the duke of Gloucester, to the Lady Alice Montagu-Douglass-Scott, daughter of the duke and duchess of Buccleuch and Queensbury, to which the king has gladly given his consent."

Prince Henry is 35. His bride-to-be will celebrate her 34th birthday on Christmas Day. Lady Alice is a "lover of horses, sports and dancing." She and the Duke of Gloucester often were seen hunting at her family's estate, Drumlanrig. The Buccleuchs are an old historic family with a genealogical connection to Charles II. The future duchess of Gloucester has spent a lot of time in Kenya, and shares an interest in Africa with Prince Henry.

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