Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Police say that Kardam was speeding

It is now believed that Crown Prince Kardam was driving over the speed limit when his car crashed into a tree, according to preliminary police investigations. The prince, who was at the wheel of the Jaguar, was clocked at 93 mph, more than 30 miles over the speed limit for that dangerous stretch of the Madrid highway.
The prince did not attempt to slow down as he went into the turn, and his car left no skid marks.

While paramedics were assisting the couple, robbers made off with the one of the parademics' handbag, which contained money, documents and her cell phone. According to press reports, the thief also stole Kardam's cell phone.


glamah16 said...

That's unfortunate he was speeding. Thankfully no one else on the road was affected and injured.
What's with mankind, stealing from ambulances!

Cabri said...

Unfortunately too often the cause
of accidents...

Why people have to race in order just to gain a few minutes?

Limits are there for a purposes.
How erasily could his kids have ended up as orphans...