Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ooops ... there was a copy

August 27, 1912

A Swiss newspaper reports that the memoirs of the late KIng Milan of Serbia will be published shortly. It seems that the the former king, who "was ruined by gambling," had moved to Paris to write his memoirs. The sale of his titillating tales -- and on the political situation among Russia, Austria and the Balkans -- would certainly fatten his bank account. According to sources, Milan's description of his former wife, Natalie, was unkind and cruel. But afterwards, Milan apparently reconciled with his former wife, and he decided he was not going to publish his memoirs. It was said that he threw the manuscript into the fireplace. But in 1900, when he was living in Vienna, Milan rewrote his memoirs, but had the manuscript hidden in the Austrian court's secret archives. Milan received $160,000 from the Austrian court to keep the manuscript hidden. However, it has been alleged that a Serbian politician has managed to get his hands on the manuscript, and will arrange for publication.

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