Friday, August 8, 2008

Nicholas II rejoices in Russia's loyalty

August 8, 1914. Today, Emperor Nicholas II, accompanied by Grand Duke Nicholas Nicolaivitch, received the Duma and members of the Council of the Empire. The meeting took place at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.
The Emperor made an address to the council and government officials: "In these days of alarm and anxiety through which Russia is passing, I greet you. Austria, following Germany, has declared war on Russia. The enormous enthusiasm, the patriotic sentiments, and the love and loyalty to the Throne -- an enthusiasm which has swept like a hurricane through the country -- guarantee for me, as for you. I hope that Russia will bring to you a happy conclusion which the Almighty has sent us." The Tsar went on to say that he regarded "the future with calm firmness.... I see the joy, the union of the Slavs with Russia progressing strongly and indissolubly."


Anonymous said...

Well, it did not last long.
The war covered only for a short time the difficult situation Russia was in. 3 years on, all was finished.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

of course it did not last .. Russia was not prepared to fight a major war - economically let alone without the modern equipment -- or emotionally.