Friday, August 15, 2008

New Yugoslav baby formally named

King Alexander announced today (August 15, 1929) that his infant son, will be named Andrej, which is the Slovenian version of Andrew. In his son's honor, the King granted amnesty to several hundred prisoners. Prince Paul of Yugoslavia and Queen Elizabeth of Greece were the baby's godparents in a ceremony that was considered a formal reception into the Orthodox Church. The little prince was baptised on the day he was born, and had received a provisional name, Paul. Queen Elizabeth, who is the baby prince's aunt, also represented Britain's Duke of York, the chief sponsor, who was unable to attend.
King Alexander married Princess Marie of Romania in 1922. The Dowager Queen Marie of Romania, the baby's grandmother, also took part in the ceremony.

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Ed Hanson said...

Although most sources give King George VI (then Duke of York) as the godfather to the Yugoslav princes, British Foreign Office reports (National Archives, Kew) state that he was only acting on behalf of his father (King George V, the actual godfather) and then only for the two older princes:

FO372/2596 (Royal Matters, 1929, pt2)T893: to O.G. Sargent, Foreign Office from H Kennaird, 17 Jan 1929, British Legation, Belgrade. Dear Sargent, In case it is not already known it might be as well that you should warn Buckingham Palace that the Queen is expecting a baby at the end of June. As you know according to Serbian customs “once a kum always a kum”. I only hope that I will not have to prance about with another baby on my arm in the summer as I did last January. As a matter of fact the King has just given me a very nice cigarette case as a souvenir of that event. R. G. Leigh to Lord Stamfordham. Foreign Office, 28 January 1929. We have just heard privately from Kennard at Belgrade that a happy event is expected in the Royal Family there at the end of June. You will no doubt remember that on the last occasion, when Prince Tomislav was born, Kennard represented The King as godfather at the christening as it was found that having accepted the position of “kum” when the first prince was born, His Majesty was expected to be godfather on all susequent similar occasions, in accordance with the somewhat exacting custom of the country. The position was explained to The King and His Majesty sent a christening gift to Prince Tomislav in due course.T7639: Item in The Times inaccurately states that the Duke of York will be godfather to the new Prince. “The King, not the Duke of York, was godfather to the two older Princes, and King Alexander has already intimated that this time His Majesty is to be spared the duties of “Kum” (see T6085).T9709: the christening of the third son of King Alexander and Queen Marie took place on 15th August. Prince Paul of Serbia and the ex-Queen of Greece officiated as godparents. The child was named Andrew.