Thursday, August 21, 2008

"The lassie's got her bairn"

August 21, 1930. The Duchess of York gave birth today to a second daughter, at Glamis Castle. The new princess is fourth in line to the throne, after her Uncle David, the Prince of Wales, her father, the Duke of York, and her older sister, Princess Elizabeth.
Glamis Castle in Forfarshire, Scotland, is the Duchess' family's ancestral home. She is the youngest daughter of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore.
Due to a "downpour of rain," a beacon will not be "fired until tomorrow." The beacon is a "time-honored custom" to convey the news of a birth in Strathmore's green valleys.
The new baby is the fourth grandchild for King George V and Queen Mary. Princess Mary,Viscountess Lascelles, has two young sons, the Hon. George and the Hon. Gerald Lascelles.
As the news spread throughout Glamis, one Scottish housewife shouted to another: "the lassie's got her bairn."
The princess is only the second royal baby to be born in Scotland in more than 300 years. In 1887, Princess Henry of Battenberg (Princess Beatrice), gave birth to a daughter, Ena, the future Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain, at Balmoral.

The baby's name was not announced although "loyal Scotsmen are suggesting Margaret, the old Scottish royal name."

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Princess Margaret Rose is one of my favorite royals ever ! Thanks Marlene !