Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is Prince Arthur of Connaught seeking a Russian bride

August 26, 1911

Prince Arthur of Connaught, 28, is in Russia, and many believe that he is "hunting for a bride." It is expected that the Imperial court will soon announce the prince's engagement to Princess Irina of Russia. Prince Arthur, is the son and heir of the Duke of Connaught, and he possesses "charming manners." He often represents his uncle, King Edward VII, on official engagements. Sixteen-year-old Irina is is the only daughter of Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia and Grand Duke Alexander.
This visit to Russia is apparently the result of three months of negotiations between London and St. Petersburg. No official reason was given for the Prince's visit to Russia, and this has led to speculation about a marriage with Tsar Nicholas II's only niece.

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