Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grand Duke Boris arrives in NYC

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August 28, 1902

 Grand Duke Boris has arrived in New York City after spending several days in Chicago. He told reporters that he liked Chicago, "except that there had been more freedom of the press than he had known at home." The Grand Duke was convinced that the reporters were overzealous in their reports about his actions, and had "written events that he was sure had never happened." Much was made of a story that the Grand Duke had drunk wine out of a woman's slipper. Boris told reporters that he was certain "that he did not drink from the slipper."

The Grand Duke if staying at the Waldorf-Astoria. He arrived at the hotel in a closed carriage, which he disliked because he liked the smell of New York's air. "It's like champagne," he said.

One of the first things that the Grand Duke did after checking into his hotel was to send a telegram to his sister, Grand Duchess Helen, who marry Prince Nicholas of Greece, tomorrow. He sent his "sincere congratulations and good wishes."

The Grand Duke was effusive in his description of the United States. "What a wonderful country this is. It's nothing but electricity here, there and everywhere. Your street cars move becaues of electricity and you even illuminate your stores and places of amusement with letters made of many electric globes. What strikes me most, however," the Grand Duke said," is the beauty of the American women. They are a distinct type, and whenever I see a lovely woman anywhere in my tour around the globe, I will be sure that she was born in America."

Grand Duke Boris also said they he liked President Roosevelt. "I hope to seem him and I mean to see him as soon as I can." He also noted "the wonderful, aggressive, active people here."

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