Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grand Boris attends service for Helen's wedding

August 29, 1902

Grand Duke Boris of Russia, who is staying at the Waldorf-Astoria, got up at midday today. Although he had his own valet, he requested an American barber "be called to perform the morning toilet" because he "liked to prove that the American barbar is loquoacious."

He attended lunch at the University Club, and in the afternoon, shopped at Tiffany's at Union Square, where he bought two vases. He was driven to the Russian church on East 97th street, to attend a service that celebrated his sister, Helen's marriage to Prince Nicholas of Greece. He kissed the crucifix, and took part in the prayers to the Imperial Family. A Te Deum, sung to an old Gregorian chant.
In the evening, the Grand Duke and his suite occupied a box, at the Casino, to watch the evening entertainment. It was suggested that he had received a letter from two chorus girls who has asked him to compare the beauty of Chicago and New York chorus. He said that when he was in Chicago, he thought the chorus girls there were the prettiest, but having arrived in New York, he was now convinced that "the New York girls would surpass the Western girls."


Cabri said...

Why didn't he attend the wedding of his only sister in person? The US trip did not seem of an official nature.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Boris was on his all around the world trip, which was probably planned before Helen's wedding - and in 1902, travel involved trains and ships. His US visit was announced in May, and was expected to arrive by June. He traveled East to West, and he was in Tokyo in early July. He spent some time in the US, traveling from the West Coast to the East - as well going up to Newport.