Saturday, August 9, 2008

Did Carmo marry Wunderlich and live happily ever after?

On August 20, 1935, Princess Caroline of Schoenaich-Carolath "surrendered to the pressure of her mother, courtiers and a duenna," when she signed a typewritten statement that declared that the "news of my engagement to Herr Wunderlich is in accurate and no such engagement is planned."
Caroline's handwriting was cramped, a sign that she was under emotional distress.
Wunderlich had remained in a local hotel room, surrounded by photos of the 25-year-old princess. "I do not want to speak about it because it is all too evident that the princess signed it under duress."
Sixteen months later, Empress Hermine, announced Carmo's engagement to Hugo Hartnung, a German businessman. Despite Hermine's determination to introduce her daughter to titled men, she agreed to Carmo's marriage to Hartnung.
The couple's civil wedding took place at Wilmersdorf on December 10, 1935, and two days later they were married in a Lutheran service at Schloss Saabor. The couple had no children. Imprisoned by the Russians, Hartnung was killed on December 31, 1945. Carmo never remarried.

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