Thursday, May 23, 2019

Crown Prince Haakon talks about sister's title

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For the first time since Princess Martha Louise of Norway announced that she was involved in a relationship with American Durek (Derek) Verrett, who is a Shaman, her brother has spoken to the media about the growing controversy about her title.

 Crown Prince Haakon spoke to a reporter today about the numerous articles and editorials about Martha's use of her title to promote her business.

"We follow what is said and written.  What we want is to have a conversation with my sister, especially about what goes on with the title and her business activity," he told NRK, a Norwegian broadcaster.

His statement was seen as "honest and concrete," according to Vebjorn Selbekk, editor of  TV2  He believes that the situation in the royal house has become more serious as Haakon has confirmed that they will talk to Martha Louise about the use of her title.

Selbekk is a monarchist and does not want to see the princess lose her title.  "I don't know what the significance would if she loses it.  A solution could be that she tones down the commercial use of the title, and does not link it to making money.

"I hope that in the long run she should not give up her title, but I do not rule out that she might lose her title.  The Shaman's past does not help make her case better."

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He also notes that the Crown Prince is acknowledging that, as the future King, he must take responsibility to "ensure that the monarchy is not damaged" by this situation.

Kjell Arne Totland, TV2's noted and respected royal expert, agrees with Selbekk.

"Crown Prince Haakon has always defended his sister.  But now the shape and tone are slightly different.  Haakon has deliberately used "wants a dialog," thus expressing a "little more formality and seriousness, but at the same time showing respect for Martha's role and position."


John said...

I didn't realize ML was even a princess, I thought she lost her HRH and was called 'princess' by courtesy like Sverre, but did not actually have that rank.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

She and Sverre are princess and princess, just without the HRH ... outside Norway, they are addressed as HIghness