Monday, February 10, 2020

the newest QVD

Many congratulations to Mathieu de Waele and his partner Eline Van Vlasselaer who are the parents of a daughter, Lizzie, who was born earlier today, February, 10, 2020, in Belgium

Proud papa announced the birth on his Instagram account.

Victoria - Alice -  Victoria -Alice - Sophie -Dorothea - Clarissa - Mathieu - Lizzie. 

Matti's grandmother, Princess Dorothea of Hesse who married Prince Friedrich of Windisch-Graetz in 1959, is a first cousin of the Prince of Wales.


Miranti said...

Another line: Victoria - Victoria - Margaret - Christoph - Dorothea - Clarissa - Mathieu - Lizzie

John said...

Isn't Princess Michael/Marie-Christine descended from the Windisch-Graetz family?