Monday, August 13, 2018

Note to the Markles -- just shut up, please

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Since the announcement of the engagement of Prince Henry of Wales to Miss Meghan Markle last November,  the British media, largely the tabloids, led by the we-do-not-believe-in-facts-but-we-pay-well Daily Mail, have feasted on the carcasses of comments spewed by the Duchess of Sussex's much older half-siblings,  Samantha and Thomas, and, more recently, by the non-stop whining by daddy dearest.

We do not know the entire story.  We -- meaning the general public  -- do not need to know about the apparent toxic relationship that the Duchess has with her half-siblings and her father.  There is no doubt that the Daily Fail and other tabloids waved big checks in front of dad to pose for photos and spill his guts for the entire world to see.

There is no doubt that Meghan's relationship with her father has been difficult for some time, long before the engagement was announced,  perhaps even before she met Harry.

That blowhard Piers Morgan stated this morning that Meghan needs to see her father before he dies.  Yo, Piers.  FYI.  This is not your fight.  Meghan's relationship with her father is  NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  Let me repeat this:  Meghan's relationship with her father is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Nor is it ours.

The tabloids continue to publish every ounce of excrement that comes out of the mouths of the Markles.  It has got to stop.  I realize that the Mail, for one, does not understand what integrity means, especially journalistic integrity. Never too late to learn.

Did these "reporters" skip the class on journalistic ethics?  What about sticking to reporting the news?   A lot is happening in the United Kingdom right now, politically, socially, and economically.  Boring, I know ... but real news.

I cannot imagine the pain that Meghan must feel when she wakes up in the morning to the reports of yet another Daddy exclusive.  She can confide in her family, call her mom,  get a snuggle from her husband, or a wet nose kiss from Guy, but nothing will totally assuage the pain or anxiety of what will the next day bring from the Markles.

It is time -- it was time months ago, actually -- for the tabloids to stop being the Markles' mouthpieces.  Do not give them money.  Do not offer them an opportunity to give what they perceive is their side of the story.

There is no doubt in my mind that racism is playing role in this tabloid's pathetic saga.  Would they have run similar stories about Cressida Bonas, whose parents have seven marriages between them?   Cressida has half and step-siblings.   But -- gasp -- Cressida's mother, Lady Mary-Gaye is the daughter of the 6th Earl of Howe.

No, they would not have run similar stories.   Cressida is an English rose, a granddaughter of an earl, unlike the Duchess of Sussex, who happens to be a bi-racial American.  The tabloids cannot get over the fact that Prince Harry's kids will probably have brown eyes, rather than the usual blue.  TDB.

Meghan Markle chose to accept Harry's proposal because she loves him.  She knew from the moment she said yes that her life would change.  A change that includes far more than learning protocol, the history of your new home, how the monarchy works, precedence, and making sure you have weights sewed into the hems of your dresses and skirts.

It came as no surprise that after the wedding it was announced that Meghan would be spending time during the rest of the year to learn more about the monarchy, the  Commonwealth, traditions, expectations, and so on.  Princess classes.  One of those classes was taught by the Queen when Meghan accompanied her on an official visit to Chester.  I think Meghan aced that class.

Dad tends to focus on himself  ..what I did do for Meghan?   Everything Meghan has is thanks to me.  Er. No.  Meghan certainly used family connections for early auditions -- that is not unusual in the business -- but what she has achieved - from her university degree to her co-starring role on Suits is due to her own hard work and initiative.   Yes, dad did pay the tuition for a private school, but Meghan, not dad, got the grades and did the work.  It was an 11-year-old Meghan -- let me repeat this --- Meghan was 11 years old -- when she discussed the sexist attitude of a dishwashing liquid and she wrote a letter to the company --- and Proctor & Gamble changed the commercial.

Let me repeat this again.  It was 11-year-old Meghan Markle's persuasive letter that affected change.  Not dad, although her parents were presumably very proud of her achievement.

It is time for the tabloids to stop writing about the toxicity that exists in the Markle family.  Samantha's jealous rants (she is estranged from her children ... hmmm, wonder why) and dad's speed dial remarks to British tabloids are all poison.  It is not the job of a NEWSpaper to publish this drivel.   None of these reporters could get jobs in real newspapers.  Hey, I have an idea -- send all of them to Afghanistan to cover what is happening there.  They probably could not hack it -- even though they are all hacks.

The Duchess of Sussex is not the first royal, certainly not the first person in the world, to not have a close relationship with a parent.  It does happen.

The Daily Fail and others have to stop providing coverage to the Markles.  Their hot air causes pain, not just to Meghan and Harry, but also to others who suffer from toxic family relationships. 

Earlier today, Sky News royal reporter Rhiannon Mills wrote a piece that is getting a lot of comments.   I am disappointed by her comments.

"But, what Thomas Markle gives us is a unique insight into the girl he watched grow up, and as someone who reports on her, I want to know more about Meghan; and that's not easy when the royal press pack is kept at a distance."

Insight?  Is that what you call Thomas's comments about not knowing her address or that Harry hung up on him?   No, Rhiannon, that's not insight.  Thomas is not providing insight on his younger daughter.  He is screaming for attention and playing the victim card.

He changes his story more often than I change cat food brands.   His victim card expired ages ago.

There is no doubt that the British media, especially the royal reporters, want to hear from Meghan. We all do.  She is an intelligent, inspiring woman.  That is not going to happen anytime soon.  Her first patronages have not been announced.  She is still learning the ropes.  She has a royal baptism-by-fire tour upcoming in the fall.   She is learning to live in a new country, where she cannot leave her home with a personal protector officer.

She has yet to become a permanent resident of the country.  Meghan applied for the fiancee visa before the wedding.  Now married, she must apply for a marriage visa, which will be good for 2.5 years.  Only after 2 and half years of marriage, can the Duchess of Sussex apply for permanent residency.  Meghan will be using her U.S. passport for at least the next five years until she can begin the process toward UK citizenship.

(No her mom is not moving to the United Kingdom.  Apart from the usual tourist visas, Dora is not eligible for any visas that would allow her to live full-time in the United Kingdom.  She can certainly fly over and spend a few months each year with her daughter, but she cannot move to the country.)

Thomas's words are not insight, but rather are streams of invective.  He is encouraged to continue the abusive content because the tabloids provide the opportunity.  He is not doing himself or his family any favors.   He's not hurting the monarchy, but he is causing great pain to a lovely newly married couple.

How to end this?   I would not recommend a meeting between father and daughter anytime soon.  Thomas would be wired and Piers Morgan would be hiding in the bushes with his phone, tweeting out the conversation. 

The end must come from the tabloids' paymasters.  Stop the payments.  Stop the offers.  Ignore the whines, the cries, the poor-me-I-don't-know-if-Meghan-got-my-birthday-cards comments and focus on the upcoming tour, on the issues, and the opportunities for the Duke and Duchess to wave their magic wands to help others.

Stop providing the Markles with an opportunity to lie, write false stories, change stories and attack two people who will not respond.  Two people with class.  Just stop it.  It is not reporting nor is it news.

The Markles keep digging downward, which means far less of a chance of a phone call from Nottingham Cottage.  The Daily Fail, the Sun, and the Mirror have been in hell for years.

One final thing is to stop using the word protocol for everything you think goes wrong, especially with clothing or crossing one's legs.   Surely the newsrooms still have dictionaries.  Look up what the word protocol means ... you will be surprised that you misuse the word nearly every day!

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  1. Preach!!! I am so disgusted by it all! It would all go away if the tabloids would just end the game with the blowhard. No wonder Thank goodness Dora gt out of that marriage early on as I believe Thomas is mentally ill and his other children are as well. When you grow up in that environment the personality disorder just "sticks". I feel badly for Meghan. Thankfully she is a strong intelligent young woman with deep courage and grit. Plus a loving husband and I suspect the Windsors are rallying around her. I totally agree with you that if she was a blue eyed English rose they would not be digging in the dirt. They love this vile insanity because she is a biracial American. Anyone who disputes that fact probably has a "red ball cap"
    The best approach is to cut him off. I do not think this can be remedied at this point. The damage is done in the relationship.

  2. Marlene, very nicely said.

    I only have one bone to pick. You change cat food brands??? At my house that would be WWIII!

  3. Well said Marlene! But I am afraid it will fall on deaf ears at that dreadful Daily Mail.

  4. Bluhare Harper is finicky. He lost some weight... and he doesn't like wet food -- so he gets dry in the morning with Sienna and wet at night ..but he takes only a few bites so I have another bowl on my desk where I put dry food -- trying different things so he will eat there too.

  5. Thank you for this! Everything you said is so true!

  6. Extremely and Beautifully well said and about time someone with a cool head and great common sense said this. I am sick of the hate and meanness that this family has shown to Meghan all because of their jealousy and self entitlement attitude. They make Americans look sick and demented and ugly.......we are all not like the low life *markels*......

  7. Exactly Marlene. The DM keeps feeding the trolls. I do have one little comment though - Prince George has brown eyes, so the potential Sussex children won't be the first.

  8. Excellent, Marlene. This blog should appear as an editorial in each and every newspaper in the UK. I'm afraid though, unfortunately, that will not stop the idiots from talking about the situation.

  9. Every thought I have about this dreadful situation beautifully articulated. Keep up the good work. And let’s hope there are some in the B.B. house who will give that Samantha Markle what for and send her packing.

  10. Thank you for this posting. Piers Morgan is the lowest of the low, banging on about how the Duchess freezes out her old friends. In his case, and he can't have been more than an acquaintance of hers, Meghan was right to cut him off, since he never shuts up about the one time they met in person.

    It would be appropriate to compare the Markles not to the Bones, but to the Countess of Wessex's family. They were also middle class, but kept quiet about their relationship with the Windsors. I am not so willing to ascribe a racist intent to the reporting. I think it is more class-based.

  11. Bravo! Maybe someone should post your piece in the comment section of the Daily Trash.

  12. Well Done. Unfortunately, I don't think they will listen to you. We need to stop reading their stories and then that might stop them from reporting, but again, I seriously doubt it. But thank you Miss Marlene for putting into words what many of us feel.

  13. very well said!Meghan's father and half sister/brother are disgusting,liars and selfish human beings it makes me sick,and the press and some so called RR are abusive too,and Rhiannon comments appaled me because how in the world are you going to meet your father if you know he's going to sell you AGAIN after the interview?may Harry and Meghan keep loving,smiling and inspires more people!keep shining Duke and Duchess of Sussex we've got your back!がんばろう!!!- all the way love from Japan

  14. Couldn't agree more, Marlene. It would be good to think someone from the DM and the likes of Piers Morgan would see this excellent article, though I fear they are too set in their ways.

  15. Marlene - I have faith that most people see the situation exactly as you, despite all what the the crazy tabloids try to present. I hope that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex realize that as well.

  16. Beyond the awful way the whole story is managed by the press, what is interesting is the Markles' attitude.
    Both the father in his lattest interview, and the sister before, seems to have a gift to ask for forgiveness or contact and to destroy every chance for it in the same piece of paper. I am quite astonished that they did not catch on that before. Furthermore, Thomas Markle does not seem to have learn from the "arranged photos" case since he is still doing PR damage to himself.

  17. I couldn't agree more! Well said! It puts the Markles family and lovely Americans in a bad light! There should be no room in the media for racist attacks and social putdowns! I am amazed that America is allowing this to happen. From Australia it looks more driven from America and the British are just reporting this American family circus! I feel sorry for Americans! This family circus will be doing more harm for any nice American thats marries well abroad.

  18. It is the British tabloid press that is doing this damage. We do not have the tabloids .. and US media largely does not pay for interviews.

  19. Marlene, you couldn't have said it any better. This debacle is beyond ridiculous, and the nasty comments in the Daily Mail on articles about them, it's like people want their marriage to fail. I feel bad for Harry and Meghan.

  20. Alice and Daisy recommend Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food. And it's 100% Markle-family free.

  21. I will discuss this brand and flavor with Harper and Sienna.

  22. Yes, sadly they are each finicky in their own way :)

  23. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking for the longest time. This family needs to leave her alone to find her bearings in a new country and family. I just hope that Harry and Meghan are strong enough to whether this storm.

  24. Thank you for stating what I have been thinking for the past two years. The Markle family are a disgrace and need to stop trying to find relevance in their daughter/siblings accomplishments. I just hope they are strong enough to get past all the negativity being thrown at them. They both deserve to be happy and to have the family unit they desire with each other.

  25. This comment is wonderful. The Daily Mail encourages the bigots to vent any nasty comment they can think of about Meghan and Harry. Is there a way the public could start a petition to tell the Markles to just shut up? Thomas Markle, Sr and Jr, and Samantha are playing emotional blackmail with Meghan and it needs to stop. Anyone that has toxic family members recognize the behavior for exactly what it is. The best thing Harry and Meghan can do is keep a distance until they can treat them with respect. They need to focus on their charity work, loving each other, and continuing to be an inspiration to people that see the love they have for each other.

  26. Pam, petitions won't do a thing .. they have the right to speak out whether we like it or not .. but the papers also have a choice. The papers can stop being a conduit to the family

  27. This comment is brilliant. Just plain common sense and it should just go without saying that it is all true. Sadly not though as some people live for stirring the pot and relish the negativity and pain they can cause strangers and even their nearest and dearest.

  28. I think this is an excellent example of moral harassment. Whether it comes from a stranger or a family member, this is harassment. The tabloids don't look for the facts, they just want to hurt Meghan. In a speech, she said that she paid the University. His half-sister says it's not true. As a reporter, research and find the truth. On Twitter, a small group did some research and yes, he paid her the private school of girls but not the University. There were no reporters in the group. Why do reporters not do their job? I do not know how the Duchess Meghan feels but I find her very strong and courageous. I admit that even for love, I'm not sure I can handle all these stories. What is sad is that it does everything in the best possible way but unfortunately, people only remember errors made by the tabloids.