Monday, November 16, 2009

Archduchess Isabella to marry a doctor

November 16, 1915

The Lokal Anzeiger, a Berlin newspaper, reports this morning that Archduchess Isabella Marie of Austria, the daughter of Archduke Friedrich, the commander in chief of the Austrian army, "has promised her hand" to Paul Albrecht, a Viennese doctor.
In 1912, the Archduchess had a "short though unhappy romance" with Prince Georg of Bavaria, according to the Chicago Daily Tribune. The couple were divorced not long after their marriage. The Archduchess's succession rights, which she renounced at the time of her marriage, were reinstated after her divorce.
She has since "devoted herself to nursing," using the name Sister Irmingard. It was in the "course of her work" with the Red Cross that she met Dr. Albrecht.
It was during the honeymoon that Isabella and Prince Georg first quarreled, and then separated. Their families tried to arrange a reconciliation, but the "incompatibility of their temperament soon developed again," and Isabella Marie left the marital home for the final time. A divorce was pronounced not long afterward.
No date has been set for the Archduchess' second wedding.

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