Monday, January 20, 2020

I was in Bucharest this past weekend

On Wednesday evening at 6:30, I few from Dulles to Paris, France, on Air France. I had a four hour layover, which allowed me to have a lovely breakfast at Charles de Gaulle ...a breakfast that included espresso, scrambled eggs and a chocolate croissant ... smacks lips.  At 1 p.m, I boarded a Tarom flight for Bucharest, arriving at 3:55 ... there is an hour difference between Paris and Bucharest.

I was met at Henri Coanda airport by members of the Royal Household.   I stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel on Calea Victoriei. 

So why was I in Bucharest in January.  I was a guest of Her Majesty Margarita, Custodian of the Crown and HRH Prince Radu of Romania, as this was the 30th anniversary of Her Majesty and HRH Princess Sophie's first visit to Romania after the fall of Communism.

I took a short walk on Thursday evening, walking down Calea Victoriei.  The hotel is close to the Royal Palace, now a Museum.   I had dinner at a local pub across the street from the hotel.   My only free time was Friday morning and early afternoon.  After breakfast at the hotel. I decided to go for a longer walk down the river and then through Lipscani, the historic district.   After stopping back at the hotel,  I ventured out again to visit little church that I could see from my window and see if the Lutheran church, just around the corner from the hotel, was open.  I tried to visit the church in 2011, but it was closed.  This time I was lucky.

The sun did not come out the entire time - and it was cold and foggy.

Being welcomed at the airport

No, I did not stay in the Suite, which was on the same floor as my room

the statue of Carol I at night

Kretzulescu Church

the royal palace, now a museum

a view from the Palace to the statue of Carol I

Revolution Square, across the street from the Palace, is where the uprising again Ceausescu began on 12/21/1989

Modern with historic

Christmas decorations are still up

I used the loo at the Pizza Hut . Love the signs.

Orthodox church in the historic area

Walking through Lipscani.  Far more development and restoration since my visit in 2011.  More buildings have been restored and developed into retail, restaurants and homes.

Dâmbovița River

Development takes time -- and in another few years, this area of Lipscani will be stores, etc.


was surprised to see KFC in Lipscani although there are American fast food restaurants throughout Bucharest

Plans for this building

National Bank

View from my window

I had dinner at Primus on Thursday night

The Lutheran church, a German-speaking congregation

one of 2 pipe organs

Hymn  board ..just like my church

and then the royal connection.  Queen Elisabeth of Romania (Elisabeth of Wied) consort of Carol I, worshiped at this church

Queen Elisabeth 

Prince Wilhelm of Wied, Prince of Albania (nephew of Queen Elisabeth) buried in this church

Queen Elisabeth's chairs = yes, I sat in all of them

Had lunch here on Friday


Seto said...

Thanks for sharing, Marlene, you have worked hard in your research. So nice to see the royal family warmly welcoming you to celebrate.

- said...

Did you make the bald man to put a sheet with the name Romanian Royal House to the one with your name so you could take a nice picture? That's funny.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Actually, the two signs were together as the Royal Household picked me up and drove to the hotel and also back to the airport a few days later.