Friday, January 31, 2020

a QVD engagement

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Congratulations to Vera Arrivabene-Valenti- Gonzaga and Briano dei Conti Martinoni Caleppio on the announcement of their engagement earlier today on Instagram.

Vera is the second of five children of HRH Princess Bianca of Savoy-Aosta and Giberto, Count Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga.  She was born at Samedan in Switzerland on August 18, 1993 and is a granddaughter of the HRH Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta and his first wife, HRH Princess Claude of France.

Briano is the son of Paolo de Conti Martinoni Caleppio and his second wife, Barbara Parodi Delfino who also has noble ancestry as she is the daughter of Riccardo Parodi Delfino and  Donna Vivide dei Visconti Di Modrone.

Riccardo Parodi Delfino is the son of Paolo Parodi Delfino and  Bonaccorsa Aliotti and the grandson of Leopoldo Girolamo Parodi Delfino and Lucie Henny.

Paolo's sister Carla was married in 1937 to Don Alvaro Antonio Fernando Carlos Felipe de Orléans-Borbón y Sajonia-Coburgo-Gotha , 6th Duke of Galliera, the eldest of three sons of HRH Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh, Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and  HRH Infante Don Alfonso Maria Francisco Diego de Orléans y de Borbón, 5th Duke of Galleria.

With her older sister Viola, Vera is the co-founder of ViBiVenezia, specializing in Furlane shoes, worn by Venetian gondoliers.

Briano is the CEO of   This is a woman's design firm founded by Vittoria Bottasini.

Vera and Briano are second cousins once removed.  They also share maternal great grandparents: Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga and  Vera Papadopoli Aldobrandini.

Briano is the grandson of Giberto's daughter, Nicoletta, who married Edoardo Visconti di Modrone, while Vera is the granddaughter of Nicoletta's brother, Leonardo Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga.

Queen Victoria - Victoria - Sophie - Irene - Amedeo -  Bianca - Vera


JohnF said...

Forgive me, perhaps I am being dull this morning, but I cannot see from this report how either Vero or Briano is a QVD. The only QVD mentioned is the 6th Duke of Galliera, & he is not a direct ancestor of either of the couple. Could you enlighten me? Thanks.

JohnF said...

Thanks so much, with that bit at the bottom & your excellent book on QVD's descendants I got it now!