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Duke to meet Miss Elkins in Paris

September 10, 1909

The Duke of the Abruzzi is expected to meet with Miss Katherine Elkins in Paris tomorrow, reports the Los Angeles Times.  Miss Elkins, the daughter of West Virginia Senator Stephen Elkins, has already arrived in Paris with members of her family, including her mother, and her brother Stephen Elkins, Jr., who arrived earlier today from Biarritz.

Mr. Elkins is staying at the Ritz while his sister is across the street at the Hotel du Rhin with her mother.  She is "denying herself to all callers."

The Duke is said to be en route from Naples to Marseilles although "great secrecy attends his movements."  Italian embassy officials are denying all knowledge of the Duke's presence or his plans.  There is an attempt to "make light of the romance between the American girl and the cousin of Italy's King."

Miss Elkins has been in Europe with her mother for the entire summer.  It has been largely assumed that she has been waiting for the Duke to return to Europe from his expeditions to the Himalayas.

There re rumors that the couple will marry secretly in Paris at the American or Italian embassy.   These reports are being denied, but it is understood that the "love-crossed couple" will meet in secret after the Duke arrives in Paris.

It is also believed that the Duke may have found  a way to overcome King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Margherita's opposition to the marriage.

Prince Luigi Amedeo of Italy, Duke of the Abruzzi, is the third son of Prince Amedeo of Italy, Duke Aosta, and his first wife, Maria Vittorio dal Pozzo.  Amedeo briefly reigned as King of Spain (1870-1873).  Prince Luigi, a noted noted expolorer, is the younger brother of Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta, who is married to Princess Helene of Orléans.

King Umberto I bestowed the Abruzzi dukedom on Prince Luigi in 1890.






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