Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Abruzzi denies reports about Miss Elkins

September 25, 1909

A close friend of the Duke of the Abruzzi has told the New York Times that the "Prince wishes to have it pointed out that, contrary to what newspapers have reported, after his arrival from the Himalaya expedition, he did not go to meet the King at Gaeta, nor he did assist at the naval manoeuvres, nor was he appointed a Rear Admiral, nor, finally, did he go to Paris or elsewhere to meet Miss Katherine Elkins."

The source also told the reporter that the Duke did sent a "voluminous report" to the Italian King, but it is "asserted" that his writings did not "deal entirely" with his expedition but he had a lot to say on a "tenderer topic, the central figure of which hails from the other side of the ocean."

The Duke has "set forth his last arguments" and he now awaits a response from his cousin, King Vittorio Emanuele."

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