Monday, July 8, 2019

Count Tono gets life for three murders

Source: Facebook

Count Anton "Tono" Goess. 55, was sentenced on July 5 to life for the murders of his father, stepmother and brother.

He received the maximum sentences for the triple murder at the family home, Schloss Bockfliess in Lower Austria.  The sentence was handed down in the Regional Court at Korneuburg.

The day before, according to news reports, Count Tono was in tears as he tried to reason his actions. "Everything was too much for me," he said in court.

His defense pleaded for manslaughter, which would have brought a ten year sentence as Tono, according to testimony, had suffered for years from a "tyrannical father," until he finally exploded last December. Tono also suffered from a hereditary disease, neurofibromatosis.  In 2017 he had to be revived after an arterial rupture that, according to witnesses, had left him "infocused and irritable."

The count confessed to the manslaughter of his family, but he did not believe he murdered him

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