Monday, July 29, 2019

Buckingham Palace stands up for Chips

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July 29, 1969

Princess Anne received a "gentle rebuke" today from Buckingham Palace, which "sizzled into the defense of the time-honored British chip," reports the Associated Press.

Anne, the 18-year-old daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, tasted a chip on a naval ship and told the cook: "You'll have to come to Buckingham Palace.  We don't have any chips there."

Chips are French fried potatoes "which combine with cod to make up a British favorite known as fish and chips."

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The average Briton, who sensed a "note of longing" in Anne's voice, wondered if the royal family "disclaims the British chip. doused with salt and vinegar and preferably eaten out of an old newspaper."

A palace spokesman said: "I think that what the princess said was just one of those remarks. It's not a case of chips with everything, but certainly I'm sure the royal family does have chips with meals occasionally.

"There must be about 120 ways of doing potatoes and there are all sorts of chips -- long ones, little ones, round ones, and so on.  You can take it that the royal family does have chips."

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