Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 5 - relaxing in London

Day Five - June 5 - was a  "rest day" in London.  My Airbnb was in Battersea, not too far from the Thames.  I walked across the Albert Bridge (named for Prince Albert) to get to Cadogan Pier for the River Taxi, which I took to London Bridge and walked to City Hall as I thought the Trump balloon was still flying.  It wasn't,  Walked back across London Bridge and then caught the subway.  In the late afternoon I saw Rocketman at a Leicester Square Cinema (movies).  Popcorn choices:  sweet or salty.   Okay, I will have the salty.  They do not do butter on popcorn.

After the movie,  I headed back to Battersea to the Prince Albert Pub for dinner.  I had two glasses of the Camden Town Pale Ale. which uses American hops.  I liked the glass so asked if they sold them.  Bartender told me to put it in my bag.  I did.   

View from the bridge 

Japanese pagoda at Battersea Park

Palace of Westminster 

Big Ben getting repaired

the Gherkin (right) 30 St. Mary Axe

No Pimms

Busy River 

You can audition to be a busker at Underground stations

Leicester Square

No one pays attention to this.  The only people who offered me seats were other Americans or Italians.

Marks & Spencer near Victoria -- yes, I bought a box

Prince Albert pup in Battersea ...   I had a lovely dinner.  Two other women at my table, both of whom had taken part in a local run.  One young woman loves US sports, including baseball, and visited Nationals Park last year.  Said we were so much nicer than the Mets fans

Camden Town Pale Ale. Lovely.  FYI  this glass is now in my house..



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