Thursday, August 2, 2018

Princess Madeleine of Sweden & family to move to Florida.

Photo: Lena Ahlström /

From the Swedish court

"Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O'Neill are planning to move to Florida in the United States this autumn.

The time and opportunity for the United States is good for the family when the children are still in pre-school age.

The Princess Madeleine has a great commitment to children's rights and will continue working with the World Childhood Foundation and, through the move, be able to focus more on the activities in the United States.

Mr. Christopher O'Neill has previously been working in the United States but will continue his business in Europe.

The family leaves the accommodation in London but has remained in Stockholm as before."

The Palm Beach residence has been since 2008 owned by the Bahama Beach Holdings, LLC  of which Mr. O'Neill is the primary owner.


1971 said...

I'm surprise at this move, not that I follow the Princess & her husband that closely, I didn't expect a move further from Sweden. And as it doesn't seem to be for any business reason connection to Chris O'Neill.
Are the family expected/obligated to return to Sweden for Leonore to begin fulltime schooling at 7? Isn't there some constitutional obligation for Swedish dynasts to be raised (or is it just educated?) in Sweden?
Wonder also with all this time spent outside Sweden & with only 1 Swedish speaking parent how good the children's Swedish actually is.

Michelle said...

Curious as to what their future plans are. In order to retain their positions in the line of succession, the kids must be raised in Sweden. It doesn't seem like there's much of a hard & fast rule about what that really means, though. Obviously chances are they'd never need to be in line anyway, plenty of others are ahead of them, but it's still interesting to me. I wonder if we will ever see them truly permanently based in Sweden, or if Madeleine & Chris would prefer to just live with their kids being as normal as possible. They've certainly had a fairly unconventional start to life in terms of how most royals are raised.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

In order to remain dynasts and have succession rights, the kids will need to be educated in Sweden. There is no doubt that their children will be multilingual

Jean Brklich said...

As far as my own thoughts go, I too doubt that they will ever live permanently in Sweden. But my question is.....If they are not educated in Sweden, I understand that they will lose their place in line, but will they lose their title as well? I'm a little confused on that aspect. Let me know if anyone has an answer. Thanks.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

There is no definite answer on what would happen because it has not yet happened ...