Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kaiser dreads a war

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June 27, 1908

It is "well known in Austrian court circles" that Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany has a "superstitious dread of war," despite an overtly bellicose manner.   The French newspaper, the Echo de Paris quotes "an anonymous member" of Emperor Franz Josef's entourage that Wilhelm's fear is based on "two old prophecies" that say he is destined to be the "last Hohenzollern ruler."

The first prophecy was said to be made by an "old monk of Tehnin," is largely unknown, but the other prophecy that found its origins in "an ancient monastery" in Mayence is known.  Both prophecies allegedly foretells the end of the Hohenzollern dynasty and the "death of the last Kaiser would be caused by a great war."

Wilhelm's wife, Empress Auguste Viktoria, shares his fears and is "eager for peace.  It is said that she is concerned for her husband and their children.

The Echo reports that the Kaiser's "certain contradictions and acts of indecision" can be attributed to this "superstitious fear of war."

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